Kashruth Live – Troubles in Kashrus solved with Rabbi Yosef Wikler

Yosef Wikler July 28זרם בשידור חי בתאריך 2014 with Rabbi Yosef Wikler. <– click here for July 28th broadcast!

Eating my #kosher  lunch while listening and watching #kashruth live!

Thanks to JRoot Radio’s avatarJRoot Radio Pro Unlimited

The current issue of KASHRUS magazine.Dear Friend,
With the summer upon us, we decided to make  you aware of a unique service providing glatt kosher meals worldwide with high quality kosher certifications, great for summertime travel. Wishing you a pleasant summer,
Rabbi Yosef Wikler
Editor, KASHRUS Magazine kashrus@aol.com

2014 Kosher Supervision Guide Now On Amazon.com
April 14, 2014

The 2014 Kosher Supervision Guide is now being sold in book form over Amazon.com. The popular Guide is not easily available in print in bookstores.Amazon.com produces books on demand in high quality book form. Future issues of Kashrus Magazine will also b…read more


One thought on “Kashruth Live – Troubles in Kashrus solved with Rabbi Yosef Wikler

  1. Midnightrabbi inspired aka Eli Goldsmith Post author

    Reblogged this on The Guide for Husband Wifey happy! and commented:

    Keep your home #Kosher during the 9 days and beyond, with peace and good character traits building lasting loving relationships !
    Someone wrote ” Here’s a list of fancy fish and dairy meals, in exquisitely decorated restaurants, in Exile.

    Spending the nine days like that, is a great way to guarantee that there will be another nine days of “mourning” next year, and the year after….

    Do these kosher restaurant owners really want to rebuild the BHM? Do they really want kibbutz galuyot?

    Wouldn’t Geula Shleimah be bad for their businesses?” Moshiach and peace on earth now, especially for our Husbadn and Wifey! !


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