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Worth reading about the return of special inspiring people this Shavuot!

Enjoy the #koshercheesecake and #return sincere 😀

midnightrabbi inspires!

Yosef Yehudah Joseph Sherman in Mishpacha Magazine p117 ‪#‎inspired‬.

Our edition “Yasher koach. Written well and inspirational. Really relate to his journey growing up as a secular Jew in the music biz. Also hosting rabbi Yosef for shabbos and participating in his classes was always a pleasure. He has given me much chizzik in also joining with the biz world again after many years in chinnuch. He really has taken the good from his past and is an asset to our people and the world. Welcome home and mazel tov for your simcha in a good time bsd

Sincere regards from Eli Goldsmith +972-53-317-5856

JIM = Jews Inspired & Midnightrabbi eli goldsmith's photo.

Really ‪#‎inspired‬ to sing where ever we go, take the truth with you and rejoice!

Midnightrabbi Music and Mysticism hour @yeshivat Ashrenu Bet Shemesh Educational Center

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Kindness is what Shavous is all about, enjoy the cheesecake!

The kindness continues, keep the #cheesecake #kosher 😀 enjoy the sweetest gift #Torah !!!

midnightrabbi inspires!

Eli Pmusic

read for free and from Gutman Locks“Why Should I Wear a Kippa?”Mikey, whose real name is Mordechai, came up to me at the Kotel wearing tzitzis (fringes) but no kippa! (head cover) This is highly unusual. Tzitzis is a much more “advanced” mitzvah than the kippa. Although tzitzis is commanded directly from the Torah, and kippas are “merely” a rabbinical custom, wearing a head covering is common to many more Jewish men than wearing tzitzis.When a Jew becomes a baal t’shuvah (returnee) he begins to follow the commandments. There is a lot of leeway in the beginning as everyone understands that you are just starting. Each of us begins at our pace and goes as far as we want. If it is pleasing, inspiring, we go on and on until it is hard to distinguish between a baal t’shuvah and a Jew who has been raised…

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