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Is Star Wars #kosher? Shovevim is!


Shovavim is a season in the Jewish calendar, the weeks when the parshioth of Shmos until Mishpatim, the first six parshioth of the Book of Exodus, are read in the synagogue, when the Kabbalists teach that it is auspicious to repent of sins. Some have the customs of fasting and giving extra tzedakah during this time, and of reciting Selichos and other Kabbalistic prayers and tikkunim.

The word Shovavim (Shin, Vav, Bet, Bet, Yud, Mem) is an acrostic for the names of the parshioth read during this period: For more on this special time click here <-

  1. Shin – Shemot
  2. Vav – Va’eira
  3. Bet – Bo
  4. Bet – Beshalach
  5. Yud – Yitro
  6. Mem – Mishpatim

When it is a Jewish leap-year, two more weeks are added, the readings of:

  1. Terumah
  2. Tetzaveh.

The power of our past can help us find a true connection. Even someone like myself that grew up with Star Wars films as a big part of this time of year’s viewing pleasure, inspired then hidden secrets of #Connection not just to be a Jedi Knight, but find our Father under the Darth Vader mask
! We all want a deep relationship, this is a time where this secret with Emunah is revealed. This special parsha Vayachi, Yaakov aka Yisrael blesses us with strength aka Chizzuk, prepares us for the weeks of Shovavim. All of us can access this special light at the darkest time of year, from the pain / restrictions comes joy and expansion of consciousness. Now you can truly love your spouse / family with true focussed connection. https://midnightrabbispiritualguide.w…

Today is the first week of the special parshiot of Shemot / Exodus the parshiot of Redemption. Moshe Rabbeinu is revealed with light to strengthen us. Hashem chooses us with love always and we choose Hashem with love always. This is the key to go out all our sufferings and reach peace of mind and balance. To balance ourselves with a healthy life style and wake up the darkness with light and love! Only good news and keep sharing your #inspirations!
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Understanding Shovevim

Parshas Shemos begins a period of the year known as Shovevim which lasts until Parshas Mishpatim. There are three periods of Teshuva in the Jewish year; the month of Elul, Shovevim and Sefirah. These periods are not repetitious.
Elul is inventory time – we take stock of our behavior and seek areas where we can better ourselves. The focus during Sefirah is improving character, which is the basis for all of our behavior.

During the six weeks of Shovevim we focus on eliminating the negative spiritual affect of whatever wrong we have attempted to correct in Elul. The dirt is gone, but now we have to contend with the stain.
A person seeking to grow will find that even though he has changed his behavior, a materialistic drive still affects his mindset and emotions. Many years ago righteous individuals would self-afflict in order to subdue unwanted physical passions. However, the Baal Shem Tov strongly discouraged people from engaging in self-affliction. The logic was, “You damaged your soul. Must you now destroy your body?”

But we are left with our original problem; how can we turn ourselves into more spiritual people? The solution lies in performing difficult, but doable acts. A common example of this is to learn Torah for specific stretches of time without interrupting, be it five minutes or five hours. Giving time, money or a smile to others when it is hard to do so also serves the same purpose as does putting effort into a davening when we are “not in the mood.”

Next week we will explain why specifically the weeks of Shemos through Mishpatim were chosen for this work.