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Shidduchim and Nissim!

#Kosher marriages are the key to soul filled relationships 😀

midnightrabbi inspires!

Check out class # 5 a continuation with #inspired a full year later going ahead class # 57/8!

#Inspired health educational visit from the local health official!

My cause and children need your attention and kindness Future SpecialEd – FS Education.

To keep this brief, 110 special education children need your generous support to get the most out of our endangered hot lunch and crucial afternoon program. My children are getting a life changing morning and slightly extended programs’ with the Futures Special Education. Your key role will be in helping fund our afternoon program filled with music programs, art courses, photography workshops, trips around the country and most importantly the increase in professional staff to really give that one to one life changing / emotionally healing growth.
The bottom line is without this support our children spend the rest of the day on the streets…

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The Shabbos Project brings a laugh of Joy!

#ShabbosProject and #Kosher food are a good #inspiredreality this #Shabbat!!

midnightrabbi inspires!

We all will laugh now he finds out about the Shabbos Project

Success with Shabbos Parsha Noah and Shabbos #inspired world wide with a Moshiachdik laugh!!!
Last years #inspiration is relevant now! Eternal values never disappear – new vids coming soon with your encouragement 😉
#Inspired to introduce 3 new vids coming soon with the #EmunahChannel and Midnightrabbi inspires together!!!
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