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#LagBomer 2016, with Emunah!

#Kosher #Lagbomer 2016 5776 with

midnightrabbi inspires!

Intrinsic Worth is our path!

We remind ourselves daily with ‪#‎Priming‬, ‪#‎Hitbodedut‬, ‪#‎Hisbonanus‬, Cheshbon Hanesh, Inner work, self development and deep introspection that I, you, we have Intrinsic worth. ‪#‎LagBomer‬, ‪#‎Rashbi‬, Hilulah Bar Yochai this week beginning with Peach Sheni we tap into in a revealed way to our Intrinsic Good! The point of our soul and being that is G-dly, full of self esteem, inspired and energized. Being a descendant we give a blessing with love from Aharon Hakohen the attribute of Hod, Glory. Turning darkness to light, sadness to Joy, this is Rebbe Shimon’s special fire that will light up our soul that even Tony Robbins will be humbled by the power unleashed. Go ahead always to really listening to others once we know our own Intrinsic worth with Emunah!

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The Gift of Time – Family First with #Emunah!

midnightrabbi inspires!


This week and every Time is all about appreciating the gift of Time. There will be a Time of Israel article and blog coming out soon Midnightrabbi inspired. However, what do we learn from Time. Time teaches us all to make a plan, time management and work out how to utilize time in the most effective way. The biggest priority is Family must come first. During this new month of Iyar a month of Sefirat HOmer count the whole month, this is an opportunity to work on our character traits. Time is an opportunity to be filled with Emunah. Learn from the inspiring ones that working on ourselves is crucial, and actualizing our values with balance and Mercy. Enjoy the times we are in and know with Emunah we will live #inspired to see the Geulah!

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