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Inspired to do and listen – Yonatan Razel new song!

The #Kosher way of life 😀 #inspired for real!

Midnightrabbi Inspires

Good week all. ‪#‎Inspired‬ by all my channels and vids, take a look and share!

New kid vids coming soon –

Change is the hardest struggle, but this new week we begin to take all our previous Emunah Classes in our hearts and begin to live them!!! This means doing the right thing, no matter what! “Naiseh V’nishmah” means “We will do and we will hear.” This comes out in Parshas Mishpatim, after clarifying in our heats and learning all the practical ways to be. We must do this with deep understanding and joy that only Emunah can bring. Share your truth and make a revolution in the world. Where truth and change is what people are doing and focusing on!

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