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Happy #Kosher Chaunkah #Hannukkah somayach 😀 Enjoy the light and warmth and the latkahs!

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For our children, there is a #Great#Future of #Special#Education ! Let’s #develop this together. For more information please email – Eli Goldshmit ! Happy Chanukah from us all!

future_freeway_sign250_1Our full final video is coming soon!

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The Evolution of Special Education

Graham Bell and Einstein are two brilliant minds of science who struggled due to learning disabilities.  Learning disabilities don’t necessarily affect aptitude, yet how students are taught and directed impacts social and educational achievements.  Today’s minds are the brilliant scientists, teachers, and mothers of the future.  Proper schooling and social adjustment within warrants the attention of those doctoring and administering laws regarding the trajectory of special education.

Beginning of Special Education

Celebration, of teaching those needing additional help, some with developmental and physical handicaps, began legislating in 1975, evolving over the years to…

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