A Prayer before Eating Chametz thank G-d not this Pesach!

We wish you a #Kosher #passover and #Pesach. Keep it elevated and happy #pesach in speech too, especially with politics in the air 😀
I recall that the Arizal divides the word Pesach into two: “Peh Sach…” – A speaking mouth. The gemara in Brachos defines “sichah” (lit. conversation) as tefilah. One’s personal redemption rests on his ability to speak to Hashem in the way of conversation. Geulah is defined by this! Pesach is the Chag of emuna…I need to believe more in my personal tefilos (and ask Hashem for them!).

Midnightrabbi Inspires

(Bergen Belsen, 1944, there were no matzot in Bergen Belsen for Passover 1944. It was decided that bread could be eaten preceded by this prayer.)

Our Father in Heaven: You surely know that it is our desire to do your will, and to observe Pesach by eating matza and by observing the prohibition concerning hametz. But to our great distress, our situation prevents us from doing so, and our lives are hanging in the balance. As such, we are hereby prepared and ready to fulfill the mitzvah of “living by Torah, and not dying by it.’ And so our prayer before You is that You allow us to live on, and that You redeem us, so that we can soon fulfill Your laws and serve You with a fuller heart. Amen.

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