Inspired with snow, with more on this special time Shovavim

midnightrabbi inspires!

Shovavim <- click here and through the snow here <- to listen to a brand new class on this time of year from midnightrabbi inspired! 
yochanan snow boardingShovavim is a season in the Jewish calendar, the weeks when the 
parshioth of Shmos until Mishpatim, the first six parshioth of the Book of Exodus, are read in the synagogue, when the Kabbalists teach that it is auspicious to repent of sins. Some have the customs of fasting and giving extra tzedakah during this time, and of reciting Selichos and other Kabbalistic prayers and tikkunim.

The word Shovavim (Shin, Vav, Bet, Bet, Yud, Mem) is an acrostic for the names of the parshioth read during this period:

  1. Shin ‚ÄstShemot
  2. Vav ‚ÄstVa‚Äôeira
  3. Bet ‚ÄstBo
  4. Bet ‚ÄstBeshalach
  5. Yud ‚ÄstYitro
  6. Mem ‚ÄstMishpatim

When it is a Jewish leap-year, two more weeks are added, the readings of:

  1. Terumah
  2. Tetzaveh.

Sadigora rebbe 007As this special time begins Bd‚ÄôH The Sadigora Rebbe, zatza‚ÄĚl passed away last year!


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