Kashrus Websites from NLE Resources, with thanks from UKA!

Kashrut.comNLE Resources

Great links to Kosher Food Articles.

Kosher Spirit
Kosher Spirit tantalizing recipes and new innovations in the area of Kosher cooking.

Why Keep Kosher? The word “kosher” is universally used to denote that which is proper and meets accepted rules and standards. In Judaism, the term kosher applies specifically to food, Torah scrolls tefillin and mezuzot, and can even be applied to the acceptability of witnesses. Its most common use today, of course, is in regard to food, which is the subject of this shiur.

Halachic Articles on Kashrus 
An assortment of Kashrus articles written by Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz.

ChowHound Kosher Board
The blog for Kosher foodies which features Kosher restaurants, obscure ingredients, and much more!

This site discusses Kosher wine, recipes, food and Kashrus issues.

An easy to use directory of kosher food, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, food additives and chemicals from around the world. The directory also lists a comprehensive listing of Kosher for Passover information from around the world.

Jerusalem Kosher News
Jerusalem Kosher News began as a modest effort to educate a small number of readers as to the complexities of the kosher scene in Eretz Yisrael. It has since developed into a source of reliable information for many residents and visitors alike, with an emphasis on kashrut in the capital.


Kosher Recipes

The Jewish Manual Practical Information In Jewish And Modern Cookery With a Collection of Valuable Recipes
Also see here.

The Kosher Channel
A fabulous resource straight from The Old City of Jerusalem by your host, Mrs. Chernin.

Jewish Cupcakes
Cupcakes are all the rage and whether you are looking for a great Jewish theme or a different type of cooking class, this link is a great place to start! Simply click on the picture for the recipe and more information!

Unique, Quick and Easy Kosher Recipes
We realize that as a Jewish Educator you are busy. Here’s some quick, easy, and unique recipes to spruce up your Shabbos table or a party that you are hosting for your family, friends, or students.

Joy of Kosher
Whether you keep kosher or are just kosher-curious, joyofkosher.com is an online community for people with good taste who are passionate about food. Here you can see scrumptious recipes from the one and only Jamie Geller. If you are a busy mom, this site will become your best friend!

Kosher Apps for Smarthphones

Mobile Apps from cRc

OU Kosher App

The videos of Jamie Geller of JoyofKosher.com are entertaining and many of them are shot in the highest of quality. Plus, the Kosher recipes taste delicious as well! These are great to get inspiration from or simply forward them on to Jews of all faiths and show just how quick and easy it can be to make a tasty Kosher recipe. Below is a video that even features Rabbi Lawrence Hajioff of JEC.

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