United Kashruth Authority

Dear Sirs and friends,

Our organization specializes in advising manufacturers, producers, and importers on how to successfully sell their products internationally in the Jewish/Kosher markets of Israel, the United States and Europe.

As you are no doubt aware, more and more companies in the food industry are following an industry trend of having their productscertified as Kosher.  Products bearing kosher certification are sought after by many groups of consumers including observant Jews, vegetarians, Moslems, the lactose intolerant and others.

There are over 1000 agencies that issue kosher certification and we can help you determine which one will do the most for your company and increase your sales. Companies exporting to the US experience a 8-10% sales increase in the first 2 years of being kosher certified.

Did you ever have a visit by a Rabbi? Have you ever received a kosher certificate? If so, who issued it – which Rabbi or organization? Please send it to us by fax or email. If not, please be so kind as to answer the following questions in the attachment so that we can evaluate the possibility of your company acquiring certification.

Best regards and a wonderful day,

Eli on behalf of The UKA, The United Kashruth Authority E: koshercoilrak@gmail.com‬ F: ++972-2-6526666 Hours: SUN to THU 09:00-17:00, FRI & SAT closed

Ask for Kosher Certificate

There are 5 steps to complete in order to receive your Kosher Certificate(s). They are:

Please complete the application and Confidentiality Agreement forms following this letter and return them to us for evaluation. There is NO CHARGE for processing and evaluating your application.


When we schedule a visit to your production plant(s) for a complete inspection, we become your partner in the entire kosher process. We will help you secure the best kosher agency for your market, who will issue you the kosher certificate. And we will help you through the entire process of kosher production. We will explain, in detail, the procedures that is necessary for you to obtain and maintain our kosher certificate. We will also give you an estimate of all costs that will be involved in providing you with kosher certification. The cost of this visit is € 500 plus expenses.

The terms of our agreement to work together will be written out and agreed to by all of us involved.

When the contract has been signed and the fees have been paid we will deliver your kosher certificate(s) will be delivered directly to you.

You are now permitted to print the approved kosher symbol on your labels and start increasing your market share. You now have a kosher product!

We will help you promote your newly certified products. We want you to prosper in the Kosher marketplace. It’s great for you. And it’s great for us. We look forward to a warm and prosperous relationship with you.

Starting our journey in #kosher #certification   😀 enjoy !  We have been giving certification successfully for decades! Follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/EliUKA1 and get your ‪#‎kosher‬ ‪#‎certifications‬ here Email Eli UKA <koshercoilrak@gmail.com><!

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